The Best Shirt Ever – A Stainproof, Waterproof Button-Down


The Best Shirt Ever Is A Stainproof, Waterproof, Sweat-wicking Men’s Button-Down Shirt. Stay Fresh No Matter What Life Throws Your Way













How it works

We created the Best Shirt Ever using a patented finishing process that transforms standard cotton into the ultimate performance material. This process starts with combining alternating yarns of hydrophobic and hydrophilic cotton giving it the ability to wick moisture away from your body while also providing protection from water and stains. This allows the garment to repel sweat and water, dry 40% faster than an untreated cotton shirt, and maintain cotton’s natural ability to breathe.


What’s The Catch? Why Isn’t Every Shirt Like This?

There are challenges to making this shirt, but they primarily impact us (the producer), and not you (the consumer). The reasons why you haven’t seen these shirts at your local department store yet are as follows:

1. The Technology We Are Using Is New – The technology we are using to create The Best Shirt Ever is very new, and larger companies typically take longer to adapt to new trends.

2. The Fabric Is Expensive – The tech fabric we use costs 200%-300% as much as comparable cotton fabrics that do not have tech finishings.

3. The Fabric Needs To Be Specially Milled For Each Color – The good news is that we created a stainproof shirt. The bad news is – we can’t dye this shirt. This limits our ability to offer a wide variety of colors, as each color needs to be specially milled by our fabric supplier.

4. Slow Fashion – Much of the fashion industry is gravitating towards “fast fashion”.  Fast fashion focuses on churning out trendy clothing as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Zara and H&M pioneered this model so that they could distribute on trend, inexpensive and disposable clothing before any of their competitors. Since trends don’t last long, fast fashion brands don’t worry if their clothes fall apart after a few wears. With the industry moving towards fast fashion models, it’s hard to find classic, high-quality wardrobe staples that fit well and last. At Clickbait Clothing, by focusing on timeless staples of every man’s wardrobe at an accessible price point, we can spend the time perfecting and iterating to create a better button-down. We’ll never be fast fashion. We’re ok with that.

Our Story

Three years ago, we launched Speakeasy Briefs – Men’s Underwear With A Secret Pocket – on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter community enabled us to follow our entrepreneurial dream, and we responded by delivering premium quality underwear to our backers. We didn’t have a background in fashion, but a funny thing happened on the way to the underwear factory…we learned how to make great clothing! Speakeasy Briefs have an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on over 200 customer reviews.

What Customers From Our Website Are Saying!

What Customers From Our Website Are Saying!

We are offering Speakeasy Briefs at a discounted price to our Kickstarter backers during our campaign to help us raise as much money as possible for the Best Shirt Ever. Speakeasy Briefs are available in 4 sizes (Small-XL), and 3 colors (Black, Blue, Red).


We Need Your Help

We believe that this shirt is awesome and it needs to exist. We don’t have the resources to pay for a full production run ourselves, and we need your help. We have already invested 18 months of our time and over $10,000 of our own money in preparation for this campaign, and with your support, we can bring a better button down to the masses.

We included our first Kickstarter product in this campaign for 2 reasons:

1) We wanted to show our backers that we can deliver. If you back our project and we reach our funding goal, you will get your shirt. That is a guarantee. We have done this before, and we know infinitely more today than we did 3 years ago.

2)  We are hoping to raise more than our goal so that we can offer a wider variety of colors and styles than we can currently offer.


Styles and Colors