Harperwoods: Define Your Kick. Custom Design Your Shoes




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Modern technology meets traditional craftsmanship. Design your own luxury footwear with Harperwoods







Have you ever searched for the perfect shoe? A shoe that would match your style as well as your lifestyle? It’s quite a struggle, isn’t it?

Presenting to you, Harperwoods, a place where you can design and build your shoe just how you want it. 


With Harperwoods’ Virtual Design Studio, your shoe becomes your canvas. Your Harperwoods shoe shall be your own personal statement – of luxury & style.

Harperwoods Design Studio lets you define the design, materials & colors based on your usage and requirement. Kiss goodbye to compromise.

You can choose to build a classic or break new ground by choosing vibrant colors & rebellious combinations. The power to decide is yours.

With a click of mouse, you can create your very own personal luxury shoe.

After research of over 3 years across the continents we have zeroed down to following 4 shapes for Men’s shoes  & 2 shapes for Women shoes and One each Men & Women Boots. These modern takes on classic shapes would ensure that your shoe would always stand test of time. Our experts have worked to ensure aesthetics & comfort go hand in hand.

Given below are the shapes that we offer. Yo can see just changing style a bit can make immense change in how the shape looks. You will be able to make these designs and many more using our design studio.









Our canvas enables you to build over 7 billion combinations with the ability to configure components and play around with materials. First time in the world will men & women have so much flexibility and options. It is impossible for us to present all of the designs & combinations, few more designs & combinations are given at the end of the page. You shall be able to create & order shoes like these and many more at your comfort.


Harperwoods Design Studio not only lets you configure the shoe and choose color & material combinations. It also gives you the power to personalize your shoes.

Make your shoe truly just your’s. Just put your own stamp on your shoes. Send us the artwork & we shall put it on the shoe, or on sole or print it inside.

Our studio also lets you choose the sole with respect to functionality. If you tend to walk a lot, choose rubber sole, if you are building a shoe for rugged areas, but want a formal look, you can build one here.

This is just a beginning. As we go along, we shall make changes, add shapes, materials & options that you need & are looking for. With your support we shall bring to life a creative revolution, where shoes would be built on demand to your specifications.

Our high quality shoes are backed by an equally awesome warranty.