Lief | Smart patch that fights stress




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Stay calm and focused by learning to control your body’s natural stress response









Stress is a part of modern life, but its long-term effect on our health and productivity can be dramatic. Chronic stress can literally kill you, increasing your risk for heart attack and stroke by up to 50%.

Lief tracks and optimizes your resiliency to stress by increasing your natural heart rate variability (HRV), a biomarker of your physical and psychological health. A low HRV score is linked with anxiety, distraction and poor performance – things we’d all prefer to avoid.

The good news is, you can improve your HRV and train yourself to stay focused and in control throughout your day. The device’s scientifically-validated HRV biofeedback exercises have been used by doctors, psychologists and coaches for decades. It’s safe, drug-free and has improved stress, mood and focus for thousands of people.






The shape of the Lief is designed to comfortably fit and bend with your torso. The patch is just 6mm thin and sits under your clothing discreetly. Lief uses stickers for all-day wear without restrictive straps.


Put Lief on in the morning, then forget about it. When your body needs a reset or it’s time to train, Lief’s quiet vibrations make sure you’re the only one that notices. You don’t need a screen to understand what’s going on, or what to do next. Just notice the vibration and follow along with your breath.


Lief uses short 3-minute biofeedback exercises or “doses” as a central training tool in building long-term results. By practicing throughout the day, you can maintain your physical and emotional resiliency while staying focused and balanced.





Developed with Stanford and UCSF clinicians, the Lief support app helps you record your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and sensations. The app combines with Lief to uncover and untangle thinking patterns that are negatively affecting your body.

  • Thought Records
  • Progress reviews
  • Self-regulation toolkit
  • Audio exercises
  • Mood rating


Simply follow the in-app instructions, choose your training schedule and start. It’s that simple.





The Lief Pro device is for the data lovers, professionals, and coaches. The Pro can sync your continuous HRV data to a web dashboard where you can analyze, graph and export your data into other 3rd party programs.

Your Pro also comes with more memory (128 MB vs 64 MB) so it can record without syncing to the app for up to a month. Never lose your data!