Planning for safety


It might be hard to believe, however, we are just days away from Thanksgiving.

The time of year that families gather to enjoy a healthy dinner of turkey, ham and all the trimmings. It’s also a day for some football on television and usually, more than one person falling asleep in a chair after a large meal.

I know Thanksgiving for my family is always a happy and festive time, a day to slow down and enjoy food and each other’s company.

Thanksgiving is known as the “unofficial” kickoff to the holiday season. Some businesses will be open at least part of Thanksgiving Day, (but not as many as before). We all know that Black Friday is the day many people “hit” the stores for Christmas bargains.

I want to urge you to be watchful and careful as you kick off your shopping. Our hearts are full of the holiday spirit, giving and celebrating the special season. All the while, as in years past, the hearts and minds of the criminal element are focused on making the gifts you have saved money to buy, their own.

It’s easy to unlock a car door or to break a vehicle window for a criminal dedicated to stealing what belongs to you.

We can start our holiday safety tips by making sure you keep gifts out of sight in your vehicle as you shop from store to store.

Also, take those gifts home and store them in a safe place, preferably under lock and key. This way, the thoughtful gifts you purchase for your friends and loved ones will go to these happy folks and not to some lazy, destructive member of the criminal element.

You can play a huge part in seeing to it that thieves do not prey upon you, your family and friends during this “most happiest time of the year.”

I’ll bring you more safety tips and information over the next few weeks.

Finally, from my family … and our family at the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office … a wish for a Happy Thanksgiving.

The men and women sworn to keep you and your s safe, will be on duty 24/7 this holiday season, doing just that! Drive with care … and always be aware.