“Sushi” Catnip Infused Toys For Cats with Exquisite Taste!


This is a plush, catnip-infused sushi toy set that will stimulate your cat’s natural playfulness and satisfy their sophisticated side!



Four plush nigiri sushi and four maki rolls provide a wide variety of colors, shapes, sounds textures and scents for hours of terrific stimulating play.

Includes domestic shipping.




Finally! A toy for the cat with a more refined culinary palate!

“Sushi” by Foodie Kat is a plush sushi toy set that will stimulate your kitty’s natural instincts to explore and play, and satisfy the need all cats have for a sophisticated and well-cultured experience.

These soft and durable toys are the perfect size for some serious play time by your favorite feline!


My design goal for the sushi set was to keep it simple. Simple designs are safe. They reduce the chances of tears, breaks, and choking. No need for fancy stitching, beads, paint, additional ink or printing designs which add to the cost and increase health risks for your cats.

Simple designs = high quality & low cost. 

These toys are made with felt and infused with catnip. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!