Wallet w/ Carbon Fiber Clip & Portable Charger


RFID Leather Wallet that combines a Carbon Fiber Money Clip, Portable Phone Charger, and 8 Card/Coin Slots into a Unique Luxury Wallet.


ONE Luxury wallet – includes Carbon Fiber Money Clip & Portable charger for Apple & Android Devices.

Shipping not included


Luxury. Elegance. Style. 

Three words couldn’t do a better job at describing your next wallet.

The Lion Designs Wallet goes beyond that however, what makes this so special is its combination of usability and style into a sleek looking multi-use wallet.

Light & Durable. Easily slide your cash into the Carbon Fiber Money Clip, while having 3 card slots in the front and back for your cards and 2 on the side for cards and coins.

Taking your wallet out casually has never looked so good. With our 2000 mAh Portable Charger – seamlessly charge your phone while sipping on a beer.

One of a kind. The idea behind this wallet was to combine the aspect of luxury with utilization. A regular money clip only works with cash, just as a cardholder does with cards. Combining the two with the application of charging your phone on the go is what brought the Lion Designs Wallet to life.

Appearances Matter. The Lion Designs Wallet is a practical fashion accessory that goes well with any look. Whether you are suited up, or just in jeans and a t-shirt, you can be sure to make a statement with this wallet.

Because Black is never out of style

Because Black is never out of style


Out in the open. With the Money Clip and Portable Charger being removable, you can be sure to rock these as separate accessories, or have them complement each other into an all-in-one luxury wallet.


Charging the Portable Charger (0.5cm thick)

Charging the Portable Charger (0.5cm thick)


Here’s what you get: included in your pledge is the Lion Designs Luxury wallet with RFID blocking capabilities, the Carbon Fiber Money Clip, a 2000mAh portable charger with charging tips for both Android and Apple, and a charging cable for the portable charger.

By helping this wallet reach its pledge goal of $2000, you will one of the first people rock this fashion statement anywhere you go.